Concrete harvey tanks
Company History

Back in 1950 CECIL HARVEY set out to start a family business manufacturing Concrete Tanks and various other precast products. The manufacturing process was then and still is unique to New Zealand to this day. With the very first Tank built still in operation in the Winton area today, that’s 65 years old without a crack in it! (Lets see if Plastic lasts that long)

Skip a couple of generations and the business is still leading the field in Concrete Tanks and still owned and operated in the HARVEY family with the forth generation of family working and manufacturing quality tanks in the lower South Island.

Why Harvey Tanks ?

– Our Tanks are not the typical hand plastered in a number of thin layers of plaster constructed over several days.
– Our construction method produces by far a more superior product in quality and appearance.
– Our Tanks are Solid Concrete not Plaster.
– Concrete is a very strong material when properly designed and manufactured.
– Our Manufacturing process uses the *GUNITE* (Shotcrete) method of construction.

Advantages of Concrete over the other materials

– Keeps water cool
– Won’t blow away
– No UV light to promote algae growth ion the water
– Can be partially or fully buried
– Long life of products