Septic Tanks
3500L Single Chamber Septic Tank
Concrete Septic Tanks

Do you need a Septic Tank for your new home?
We offer a wide range of sewage tanks available from 2670 litres Single Chamber to 4500 litres / 1000 litres Twin Chamber. Harvey Tanks Ltd offers a range of septic tanks to suit residential, commercial, or large industrial application.
Available Sizes

– 2670 litres Single Chamber
– 3500 litres Single Chamber
– 4500 litres Single Chamber
– 4500 litres / 1000 litres Twin Chamber (Total capacity 5500 litres)
– 1000 litres Pump Chamber

Septic Tanks
4500L/1000L Twin Chamber Septic tank

Note: We also manufacture Sewage Tanks to any size or configuration for commercial applications. Contact us for discussing your requirements.