Pump Chamber, 1000L

Pump Chamber, 1000L

Harvey Tanks Pump Chamber 1000L
Harvey Tanks Pump Chamber 1000L

1000L Pump Chamber, for septic tank systems

  • Concrete 40MPa 
  • 50mm wall thickness 
  • 90mm floor thickness 
  • Lid opening

For full specifications and measurements, see the Spec Sheet PDF, below.

Read this PDF for information about Delivery Truck Site Access.

On-site delivery and assistance in installation to ensure optimal performance 

Harvey Tanks can deliver and install concrete tanks and sheds just about anywhere. 

The Harvey Tanks team work with a local contractor to transport your concrete tank to site and will then assist your local contractor to install the tank, ensuring optimal site placement and performance. We’ve been supplying and installing concrete tanks for over 60 years and have a wide ranging knowledge of how our tanks work and where they should be placed. 

Harvey Tanks have been installed throughout the South Island, including in remote locations such as Cardrona Ski Field, at the top of Bob’s Peak in Queenstown (top of the Gondolas) and Milford Sound.

Site preparation

It is important the site for your concrete tank is prepared correctly prior to delivery. This will ensure the tank operates at the optimum level and is safe from damage. Download the Spec Sheet below for more information.